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VMWare Urges Users to Patch Critical Authentication Bypass Bug

By Redbird Security | August 3, 2022

Recent reports state that VMWare’s virtualization software has a serious authentication bypass bug. Because it permits attackers to get around authentication & access private information and resources without authorization, this bug has the potential to seriously compromise the security of systems running VMware. VMWare has designated the vulnerability, known as CVE-2021-22005, as a critical security…

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Universities Put Email Users at Cyber Risk

By Redbird Security | August 2, 2022

Universities are becoming more and more of a target for cyberattacks in the modern digital age. Universities are major targets for cybercriminals due to the volume of sensitive data they store, including financial records, research data, & the personal information of instructors & students. The fact that email is the primary form of communication for…

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Messaging Apps Tapped as Platform for Cybercriminal Activity

By Redbird Security | July 27, 2022

A growing number of cybercriminals use messaging apps to conduct their illegal operations in recent years. There are various reasons why messaging apps have become more popular among cybercriminals. First off, a sizable pool of possible victims has been made available to cybercriminals by the widespread use of messaging apps. Because billions of people use…

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IoT Botnets Fuels DDoS Attacks – Are You Prepared?

By Redbird Security | July 26, 2022

The way we use technology has been completely transformed by the Internet of Things (IoT), which makes it possible to automate and connect almost every aspect of our lives. Unfortunately, the danger of security risks such as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and Internet of Things botnets increases with increased connectivity. IoT botnets are…

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Magecart Serves Up Card Skimmers on Restaurant-Ordering Systems

By Redbird Security | July 20, 2022

Online payment gateways and e-commerce websites are the targets of the cyberattack known as “Magecart.”. To obtain credit card information from gullible clients, the attackers use malicious code, or “skimmers.”. Then, the stolen information is either sold on the dark web or utilized for fraudulent transactions. Recent years have seen an increase in magecart attacks,…

Authentication Risks Discovered in Okta Platform

By Redbird Security | July 19, 2022

Organizations can safely connect their partners, employees, & clients to the technology they require to carry out their most critical tasks by utilizing Okta, a cloud-based identity and access management platform. The platform helps enterprises safeguard their sensitive information and assets by offering single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, & other identity management services. The platform from…

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Google Boots Multiple Malware-laced Android Apps from Marketplace

By Redbird Security | July 18, 2022

Users of the well-known mobile operating system are becoming increasingly concerned about the problem of malware-filled Android apps. Malware, which stands for malicious software, is a category of software intended to damage or obtain unauthorized access to a computer or mobile device. When it comes to Android apps, users’ security and privacy are seriously threatened…

Photo Windows 11 Bug

CISA Urges Patch of Exploited Windows 11 Bug by Aug. 2, 2022

By Redbird Security | July 18, 2022

A recent discovery of a serious bug in Windows 11 could be used by hostile actors to obtain unauthorized access to sensitive information and systems because it has been recognized as a vulnerability in the operating system’s security guidelines. Researchers studying cybersecurity issues found a weakness in the way Windows 11 processes specific kinds of…

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Emerging H0lyGh0st Ransomware Tied to North Korea

By Redbird Security | July 15, 2022

The malicious program known as H0lyGh0st ransomware encrypts the files on a victim’s computer, making them unreadable until a ransom is paid. From its initial appearance in 2018, the ransomware has been connected to North Korea’s Lazarus Group, a well-known cybercrime group infamous for its participation in high-profile attacks. The purpose of H0lyGh0st ransomware is…

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Journalists Emerge as Favored Attack Target for APTs

By Redbird Security | July 14, 2022

In their line of work, journalists have always been exposed to risks, ranging from dangers to their lives in conflict areas to legal troubles in authoritarian governments. However, Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) are a brand-new, rapidly expanding threat that has surfaced in recent years. Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) are highly skilled cyberattacks that are usually…