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The State of Incident Response: Measuring Risk and Evaluating Your Preparedness

The coronavirus pandemic presented the perfect opportunity for security teams to evaluate the state of their incident-response process. In fact, it highlighted the dire need to implement a more structured, detailed and well-practiced plan to sufficiently support organizations when suffering a cybersecurity incident. Throughout the past 12 months, the lack of preparedness has become increasingly…
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CISA, FBI Post Ransomware Alert Ahead of Holiday Weekend

The FBI and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) have observed an increase in highly impactful ransomware attacks occurring on holidays and weekends—when offices are normally closed—in the United States as recently as the Fourth of July holiday in 2021. The FBI and CISA do not currently have any specific threat reporting indicating a…
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As Mobile Fraud Rises, The Password Persists

The COVID-19 Pandemic spurred a huge increase in the use of mobile financial applications, and an even bigger surge in mobile application fraud. But that hasn’t lessened the banking and financial service industry’s heavy reliance on a venerable, but flawed security technology: the password.  Out of a group of twenty-seven mobile applications that offer financial services, twenty-six…
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